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Brought up on a sugar cane farm outside Childers QLD I was surrounded by nature but joined the RAAF at 17 to become an armament fitter. Lived in most parts of Aust. favourite being Darwin and lived in Penang Malaysia for 6 yrs. Retired after 20 yrs and moved to Trinity bch. Cairns where once I again live around nature. Took up studying plants with much help of the late John Beasley and good friend Graham Bell, taking me to a level to where I did an intro course into JCUs Lucid RFK program. In the process of photographing and documenting plants one can only be drawn to the bird and butterfly life that they support so expanded from there to revegetating the high school where I worked for 21 yrs using the hardier rainforest plant seeds collected to attract wild life. Now fully retired, I enjoy cycling thru our beach areas snapping shots of plants, wildlife, particularly dragonflies or butterflies in cooler months and anything else that moves. Its simply amazing to see what's living around us everyday yet often unappreciated . KERRY (male sp.)

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