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*Due to time constraints, there are long periods of time where I don't login to iNat. If you want my assistance on an ID, then messaging me will more likely summon me to your observation. Cheers!

Evo. Biologist/Colo. Avs Fan =)

I believe time outdoors improves our health and happiness.

Koaw Nature: https://koaw.org
Lepomis (Common Sunfishes) ID Guide: https://koaw.org/sunfishes
Hybrid Common Sunfishes: https://www.koaw.org/hybrid-lepomids
Virginia Toad ID Guide (American, southern and Fowler's) Collaboration with @tysmith :https://www.koaw.org/toadsofvirginia

A great passion of mine is learning about all creatures in our world and how they interact in complex ecosystems. I create videos and educational entertainment to help others learn about our world as well as demonstrate methods for enjoying the health benefits of the outdoors.

Most of my studies of zoological topics have concentrated on ichthyology (but I dabble in most anything within biology.) I've always been a casual herper and looking for extant dinosaurs is also enjoyable. I've also been a fisher for 30+ years; the muskellunge is my favorite fish to catch.

It pleases me when I'm able to contribute data to a study, whether it's for government work, within the private sector or as a citizen scientist.

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