Lauren Hook

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Hi Friends,
My name is Lauren and I am a Threatened Species Officer working for the Saving our Species program. I work on a suite of awesome and interesting threatened and endangered flora and fauna around the Illawarra and Southern Highlands. Some of the rad critters I work to conserve are Glossy black-cockatoos, Brush-tailed rock-wallabies and Greater gliders. I am keen on plants also and look out for Solanum celatum, Waterfall greenhood, Mittagong geebung, Paddy's river box and Sublime point Pomaderris just to name a few.

I am always keen to learn more about the beautiful Australian bush, connect with other eco friends and have been enjoying exploring and learning about bugs and fungi on iNat.

Feel free to say Hi or to get in contact with me about Glossy black-cockatoos and Happy IDing :-)

You can get in contact with me through my email below:
Senior Threatened Species Officer, Ecosystems and Threatened Species
Biodiversity and Conservation | Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

My office is on Dharawal Country and I am lucky to work on Dharawal, Yuin and Gundungurra land.

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