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At what time of day, and under what conditions do Trillium species flowers emit an odor, and other questions.

Hmm, profile, let's see... My connection with iNaturalist is I went on a couple BioBlitzes who used this software. I am an avid hiker and an environmentalist since childhood, which means I am primarily concerned with conservation of land, threatened, and endangered species, and any cause that saves what we have left of wild spaces. Stewardship of the public lands can't be left to the government, so I am interested in supporting organizations like The Ventana Wilderness Alliance. Sometimes I go on a volunteer trail crew outing with them, and it is very fun and rewarding.

Hopefully this site will help scientists obtain range data, and perhaps seasonal data. However, the more contributions, the better the results. It is nice to document every living thing one sees in wild, and civilized places, except obvious captive, cultivated, domestic, etc. creatures.

I was already interested in learning the names of everything in the areas I frequently hike, by reading various books, but since I started using this site, my self education has accelerated. The site is good for teaching yourself more about living things. I once took field botany, which taught me to use a taxonomic key for plants, but I read in the introduction to the Jepson manual that it was created to be used by anyone. Indeed, the introduction goes over how to use the manual. You need to learn the nomenclature, and lingo. Now there is a Jepson online, also. As far as iNat - I am amazed at how good the computer vision algorithm is, but our eyes are still better - for now.

In summary on this site, learning, conservation, and science are my goals.

This is very time consuming, though, I have a huge back log! So many days last year yet to be added, stay tuned...

While out there in our last wild places, and in all places let us all be good stewards of the land, and leave no trace of our visit!

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