Linda Lötjönen

Unido: 06.jun.2023 Última actividad: 23.jul.2024 iNaturalist

Student of biology at the University of Eastern Finland.

Bird ringing licence 2022: birds of prey, woodpeckers, lapwing, curlew and jackdaw.

Volunteer at SANCCOP Cape Town 2023 (seabird rehabilitation)

I am particularly interested in vertebrates, but my interest in invertebrates has also grown. With iNaturalist I became interested in nature photography, which I am now trying to learn. In the spring of 2024, I started photographing insects and now I'm trying to learn macro photography as well.

GoPro: I mainly thought of filming newts and fish with it, but the possibilities must be wider. In general, it's fun to come up with new ideas to use cameras and experiment with them.

Trail cameras: with trail cams I try to photograph animals that are difficult to see in other ways.

My goal is to collect as many animal species as possible around my home. It's especially interesting because I live in a rural area where there are and have been only few other observers. When I go out into nature, it always feels like I can find anything exiting there!

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