Mathieu Hanon

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Fascinated by the natural world and its diversity for as long as I can remember, I have good general naturalist knowledge, with entomology being my forte. I am used to identification keys.
Having lived in Asia for several years (mostly in Southwest China), I am somewhat familiar with the fauna and flora of this region.

Right now, my main focus is on Heteroptera, particularly Coreoidea and Pentatomoidea. My best identifying skill is for the coreid tribe Mictini.

I am also interested in the moth genus Cydalima.

In 2022, flower-visiting insects made a good part of my observations and all photos were taken with a mobile phone.

In 2023, I stayed at an organic farm for a while. I created a project with observations from that place but still need to add to it: Biodiversité à la ferme - Champignol
All photos were taken with a mobile phone this year as well.

Bachelor in Agronomy - option warm regions, at HEPH-Condorcet (2005)


  • native language: French
  • first foreign language: English, advanced / proficient
  • self-taught: Chinese (Mandarin), basic reading, much better at speaking, fields include agronomy, catering, events and music
  • some knowledge: Japanese, Dutch

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