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I've enjoyed the outdoors and nature my whole life and got into semi-serious nature observation and study around 2004-2005, initially as an outgrowth of hiking. I focus on birding a great deal but am interested in all aspects of nature and wildlife biology. I have lived in Ulster County, NY since August 2000. Albany County, NY before that.

I have no formal training, and have learned by studying guides, spending time with more experienced naturalists and above all, simply spending lots of time outside observing nature. Clearly iNaturalist is a remarkable resource for study and sharing observations. Thanks to the site hosts, to all those who have added ID to my observations and to all naturalists on site and out in the field. And deep bows of gratitude to all the living beings of the world who go about the work of their lives.

"Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. " - Mary Oliver

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