Marty Purdy

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Botanist with New Mexico Forestry Division (Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department) and recent immigrant to Albuquerque (NM) eager to learn the flora out here!

I have a particular fondness for alpine plants, and some of the groups I commonly encountered above tree line in California's eastern Sierra Nevada: Draba, Potentilla, Ivesia, Oxytropis, and others. My recently defended (2022) MS thesis was a specimen-based inventory of the plants of Coyote Ridge and Flat, Inyo Co., CA:

MS in Botany (2022) - California Botanic Garden / Claremont Graduate University (
BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & BA in Environmental Studies (2013) - UC Santa Cruz.

For more information on New Mexico's Rare and Endangered Plants Program visit and for all things NM rare plants see Also, if you observe (rare) plants in New Mexico, please consider joining our iNaturalist project to track and monitor state listed species:

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