Megan Hanson

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hello! i'm a college student and an enthusiastic hobbyist! i love learning about bugs and birds and just about everything else. i'm mostly interested in birds and insects, as well as other animals, but i've been working on getting more familiar with local plant id as well.

i'm majoring in environmental studies and studio art. ecology and environmental restoration fascinate me, and i take any opportunity i can to learn more about the world around me.

i have been lucky enough to travel all over the world- i've visited Alaska, Sub-Saharan Africa, Scandinavia, and Central Europe, as well as different places in the US (mostly in the midwest). my Africa trip was pivotal for me; I was really inspired by the naturalists who guided our safaris and how much they knew about the landscape and its wildlife. i would love to go back there someday, and i hope to get the chance to travel new places too!

thanks for any id help! feel free to comment on things too- i'd love to get feedback on my sightings!

i've participated in:
Chicago Metro City Nature Challenge 2020
Socially Distant Bioblitz (5/3/2020)
Socially Distant Bioblitz (5/24/2020)
Socially Distant Bioblitz (6/14/2020)

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