Michael Weisensee

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Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I moved to Florida in 2017. I joined the Venice Area Audubon Society and my birding took off. Now I'm leading trips and giving presentations. I am also a member and trip leader for the Venice Area Birding Association. I also volunteer as a guide for the Lemon Bay Conservancy, leading birding/nature tours of the Wildflower Preserve in Englewood.

In 2018, I became a Florida Master Naturalist and volunteer as a presenter for the bird sections of the FMNP in Charlotte county. I work for the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center at Cedar Point Environmental Park in Englewood -- leading hikes, birding, and kayaking. I also work for Biotica, a kayak tour outfitter in Sarasota that hires biologists to lead tours. Summer of 2022, I was hired a an ecotour guide for SUP Englewood.

In September 2019, I discovered a love of butterflies and joined the Peace River Buttery Society.

In 1993, I earned a bachelor's degree in Biology from Carnegie-Mellon University. While in PA, I was a member of PARS (Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptile Survey).

I love getting out and enjoying nature -- both land and sea. I also enjoy doing fish surveys while scuba diving for REEF.org.
Love animals of all shapes and sizes (been vegan since '90).

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