Chris Wagner-Coshland

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Currently Lichen and Bryophyte Curator at University California, Riverside (UCR). Curator on INaturalist for "Lichens of Southern California", and "Bryophytes of Southern California". Been a botanist on 5 forests, Forest Service and BLM. District Botanist and Forest Botanist. Plant systematist, also specializing in bryophytes and lichens and of course plants in general. I also work on pollinating insects and fungi also. I have worked from Southern California to Oregon, and Idaho. I have also collected and identified species in several states, all western US and Eastern, down to Florida. I have a large collection of plants, fungi, lichens and bryophytes on Calphotos.. I just recently left the Forest Service after 21 years and now working for the DoD. Back home in Southern California. I really enjoy being a part of determining what species exists throughout the US helping to identify species. Dont get to hike the forest everyday anymore so im always up for botanical excursions! :-)

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