Cody Harrison

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Hi, I'm Cody. I grew up in the NW corner of Montana with Glacier National Park in my backyard. My educational background includes a BA in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University and a little over 8 years working as a Beyond Sustainability specialist in sectors such as wastewater, regenerative agriculture, and housing. Generally, I work to communicate complex technical concepts and create marketable and commercially viable products that leverage technology as a tool for social good. I am committed to creating integrated urban systems - blending the built environment with its surrounding ecological and agricultural systems while operating economies that actually regenerate the planet. I also think that with the widespread use of bioregional stakeholder cooperatives we can incentivize automation of menial human tasks, allowing the 99% to benefit from the wave of automation that is continuing to wash ashore, instead of fearing it for its job-killing capacity. Another side effect of this cooperatives might be widespread ecosystem accounting which I think would be followed by widespread ecosystem regeneration as we realize the vast wealth and potential within our natural systems.

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