Nathanael Green

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An Australian naturalist (Nambucca Valley/Coffs) interested in the appearance, taxonomy and life history of organsims, and how they come together to form ecosystems. While everything interests me, the following are my areas of particular interest and knowledge:

  • Coleoptera (Beetles)
  • Gastropoda (Seashells & Land Snails)
  • Plantae (Plants)

Profile Picture shows my seashell collection. Seashells are collected dead locally. Ideas about how to arrange the collection are courtesy of Ben Travaglini.

I use Inaturalist becuase it is a comprehensive journal, community and indentifier of the organisms I encounter. I am able to look back with ease and see how many species I have found, and where and when I found them. I can talk with local experts, and ones abroad, about my observations - and participate in events such as the Great Southern Bioblitz.

I am currently hand-removing vast thickets of the destructive weed Lantana camara from bush and replacing it with native plants. I aim to both rejuvinate diversity in areas affected by lantana but also learn more how diversity works and how to measure and replicate it.

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