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I collected and raised butterflies when I was a kid in Newton Mass. and my mom did drawings for Jo Brewer who wrote books about butterflies and was involved at the time with butterfly preservation. She encouraged me and we would go to meetings of the Harvard Entomological Society. More recently I found a Cecropia moth cocoon walking my daughter to school, brought it home, tied it out hoping to attract a male, and did! For many years I raised Cecropia, Luna, and Prometheus moths and brought them around to elementary schools where I was volunteering to teach science though the Vermont 4 Winds Program. Cleaning out my parents house who passed away this past year I found in a locked trunk part of my old butterfly collection and in there a Karner Blue, 50 years old, given to me by Jo Brewer who was raising them to reintroduce to the New Hampshire Pine Barrens. Beyond butterflies I just enjoy tromping about in woods, fields, and bogs to take delight in the wonders of the natural world.

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