Pamela Melrose

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I belong to a wonderful group of people who snorkel every day at 8am in the ocean off Shelly Beach Cronulla: SHELLY OCEAN SWIMMERS. All the swimmers are keen naturalists and love learning more about ocean biodiversity.
This is our website where we share our adventures in the ocean and record our marine biodiversity observations.
Our swims are focused on the following areas :Shelly Beach Cronulla, Windy Point, Shark Island, Salmon Haul, Gunnamatta Bay,Darook Beach,Jibbon Beach Royal National Park.Possibly one day our marine records could be used to help facilitate an Aquatic reserve/Marine National Park for this area and hence we have decided to expand some of our special record keeping, to this inaturalist website with the hope that others can benefit from our daily observations.
We have started by recording special observations in our project: SHELLY OCEAN SWIMMERS MARINE BIODIVERSITY PROJECT.Thanks to all the naturalists who have helped us identify our marine organisms. My philosophy is to observe marine species calmly and in their natural habitat.
See code of conduct in marine research here:

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