Patrick Hacker

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I am interested in nature conservation and botany, with a focus on alien species. Currently finishing my studies at the University of Vienna (Conservation Biology and Biodiversity Management), looking for a job and improving my species knowledge.

Feel free to tag me if you want an explanation for one of my IDs. I'll gladly provide one.

If you want to help me with IDs for my plant observations, here is a list with the most important ones:
I appreciate any help!

My goal for 2020 is to observe at least 1000 different plant species. >Current progress<

100 species on 02/07
200 species on 03/12
300 species on 04/18
400 species on 05/06
500 species on 06/04
600 species on 07/03
700 species on 07/20
800 species on 09/30
900 species on 11/09

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