Paul D. Smith

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I am a retired chemical / environmental engineer having worked in the primary steel industry for 32 years. I am also a life long naturalist and am active with the Hamilton Naturalists' Club and the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton / Burlington, Ontario. I am especially interested in birds, freshwater mussels, odonates, freshwater crayfish, big trees and trying to get submergents to grow in my back yard pond.

To indulge my interests I've set up 4 projects.

To better understand the distribution of native freshwater mussels close to home I've set up
"Mussels of the Hamilton Study Area":

To both better understand the distribution of and learn how to identify them I've set up 3 projects for crayfish
"Crayfishes of the Hamilton Study Area":
"Crayfishes of Ontario":
"Crayfishes of Canada":

I hope you can take the time to explore and perhaps contribute to these projects.

I've also recently added a project to collect sightings in my rural Hamilton 'garden'.

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