Lindsey Smith

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I have always enjoyed the outdoors with my Dad. He graduated from North Texas State University with a BS in Biology. From the age of 12 he began to do taxidermy to preserve the animals he found in the Everett, Washington area. I began going hunting with my Dad at age 5 in the Sabine River basin near Lindale, Texas (this area is now a Texas Parks and Wildlife Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area). Almost anything we saw, he'd identify it for me and tell me a little information on it. With his taxidermy hobby, I got to see lots of varieties of animals, even some from other countries. As time went on, Dad got his Texas State and Federal collectors permit to start his own small animal museum and give wildlife lectures to schools in the Tyler, Texas, area. Upon his death, his collection of protected birds went to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area for display.

I graduated from Texas A & M University in December 1971, with a BS in Industrial Technology, but also attended Tyler Junior College for one year studying biology. When digital photography got to a point that it was matching film quality, I purchased my first digital SLR (Canon 10D). This year (2015) I upgraded to a Canon 7D and find myself struggling since I've never taken a photography course. My wife of 50 years gets quite upset with me because I have to be pushed to take human pictures, my love is nature, not posing for their picture. I went with my parents on my first Alaskan cruise in 2009 and feel in love with that state (my wife's afraid I might move there). My son loved Alaska so much he went back and worked there three tourist seasons, getting to camp out in Denali National Park almost two days a week from May to September. I have my Master Naturalist certification through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in the East Texas Master Naturalist Chapter.

I have several Dragonfly and Damselfly photos posted on Odonata Central web site most vetted by Greg Lasley whose photographs I have admired for quite a while and he has helped me over the internet very often to identify animals I've not seen before. Now that I'm retired from the engineering world, I plan to take lots of nature photos.

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