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I am a biologist specialized in two areas of genomics: i) functional (transcriptomics, population genomics and epigenomics) and ii) environmental (eDNA, metabarcoding, etc.). I have mainly worked on the following models: marine bivalves (Molluscs : Pinctada margaritifera (pearl oyster), Crassostrea (Magallana) gigas (Pacific oyster) & Limecola balthica (Teline); Corals: Acropora digitifera & Acropora surculosa). I also worked in ecology on algae (Lobophora species) and dolphins (Tursiops truncatus & Cephalorhynchus commersonii).
Concerning the environments, I work either on tropical forest, ultramafic area, or agronomic environments for the terrestrial side, then in lagoons (corals, sea water and sediments) for the marine side.
I am a naturalist by passion, I would like to learn more about the nature that surrounds me.

Currently, I have a genomic/phylogenetic project on odonates, and I need to take some individuals on a white background (for illustration purposes) as you can see in several obs, but the specimens are still alive.

To see some scientific publications, click here : https://plstenger.github.io/publications/
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Some observations use in scientific papers:

Some observations use in books:

  • Les Cagous - Espèces emblématiques de Nouvelle-Calédonie. p11. 2021. CIE NC
  • https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/96859640 (Grevillea exul) and https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/97115492 (Tristaniopsis guillainii) in Ducouret, E., Gouzerh, A., Nevers, T., Henry, C., Desurmont, M. (2022), Guide du pépiniériste – Apprendre à récolter et produire des espèces utiles pour la revégétalisation des sites dégradés sur sols miniers - Association Noé – Programme conservation et restauration de la forêt calédonienne, Nouméa, Nouvelle-Calédonie, p90.

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