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🌻I started iNaturalist in May 2022 after I saw a video about iNat. Currently trying to take pictures that are higher quality.

🦩Trying to observe the most amount of research grade species. I have 328 Species Observed. Most Recent Species: North American Common Water Strider (Aquarius remigis)
🔎I like IDing different animals and other little critters on this website. DM me if I IDed one of your observations wrong. Currently my goal is trying to get to 20000 IDs. Species Ive IDed: Here

🎣I like to fish in my free time, both freshwater and saltwater. I especially love trying to catch new species of fish.

🐠Some of my favorite animals are Saltwater fish, love looking at observations of them.

📷I used the Canon EOS T7 Rebel but now I'm using the Canon EOS R7.

✅Current Observation Count: 2131

📊Stats: 2022 2023

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