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I'm a Tennessee-based field mycologist. I've paid attention to mushrooms since 2010 and am generally interested in

  • practicing visual ID, especially for North American agarics
  • following updates in phylogeny, taxonomy, and nomenclature
  • improving common names and embedding them in a useful "folk taxonomy".

Current activities:

  • Upcoming field guide Mushroom Finder.
  • Keeping track of the genus-level names of agarics and Agaricales, with updates on their taxonomic placements, nomenclatural status, sequencing status, etc. at agaric.us. My thoughts and suggestions for mushroom common names are there too.
  • A program I wrote for copying observations from Mushroom Observer to iNaturalist is available. Contact me here or anywhere if you need help using it.
  • Working on a possible future guide to mushrooms of Southern California.

Past activities:

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