reagan peschke

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UCSC undergrad and Kenneth S. Norris Center Fungarium co-manager! passionate about all precious biodiversity... especially macro-fungi in CA and around Chicago, IL. new to mycology but thoroughly obsessed. (she/her)

My fungarium: (list needs updating):
DM me if you want any of my collections for study

Fungal diversity project I created for the Historic Riverside, IL :

Interactive fungi displays/ID tables for events (DM for inquiry) :

  • In fall of 2023, I spent 10 weeks archiving and uploading over 500 collections to Mycoportal for the UCSC Kenneth S. Norris Center Fungarium!
  • I try my best to be accurate with identifications but I have no taxonomic or identification expertise.

Currently: digitizing my fungarium, doing microscopy and research :) mushroom hunting always...

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