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amateur entomologist (self-taught), photographer

Details Related to Image Submissions

Camera Data
Canon XSi (original image size 4272x2848 pixels)
Canon T5i
Canon EOS 80D
Sigma 180 mm macro lens and on-camera flash if flash required
Exposure at 1/250 s and f/16 most of time for nighttime images with flash
use a flashlight on insect to focus camera
turn off or move beam to side for exposure
Stabilize with a Tripod

Images Processed using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10
Image Cropped to frame image while reducing the waste space around the image
Image Sharpened with Topaz Labs InFocus c2010 (<1 pixel, out-of-focus mode)
Image Brightened using Levels option if desired
Image Resized to 1000 pixels (longest dimension) with Bicubic Sharper option

Output Image supplied to iNaturalist
JPG with Quality = 7-8 (High, most of the time)
the output parameters are sometimes adjusted so file size is usually around 300 kB or less

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