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19, Chicago 'burbs. Grantee (intern) for the Illinois Native Plant Society Kankakee Torrent Chapter.

<-- Don't take this number as evidence. Check for yourself. Feel free to ask questions or correct me if you believe I have made a mistake. I make mistakes.

Taxa I regularly ID:

  • Maianthemum dilatatum
  • Maianthemum racemosum
  • Maianthemum racemosum ssp. amplexicaule
  • Maianthemum stellatum
  • Maianthemum trifolium
  • Scoliopus bigelovii
  • Scoliopus hallii
  • Streptopus amplexifolius
  • Streptopus lanceolatus
  • Streptopus streptopoides
  • Maianthemum canadense
  • Prosartes
  • Uvularia
  • Polygonatum biflorum
  • Polygonatum pubescens

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