Sandy Shaull

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The first time I saw an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail through my camera lens, it was love at first sight. That was over 24 years ago, and the affair continues. With my husband David's help, our gardening focuses on both host plants and nectar plants. Although the garden may never appear in an issue of House Beautiful, it's a popular entry in The Butterfly Daily ; ) !

Until recently, most of my butterflying has been limited to our own garden and Bald Rock Meadows (part of the International Horse Park). The past few years I've explored the Blue Ridge Parkway, Lower Rio Grande Valley, and southeastern Arizona to learn about the species found there. I extended my range last year with trips to Honduras and Costa Rica. Costa Rica cast a spell on me, and I happily returned this year (2023) for 7 days of amazing butterflies. Pura Vida!

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