Fae Sapsford

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Based in Bermuda - love beachcombing, rockpooling, and species ID, especially inverts and pelagic creatures! I love sargassum and spend a lot of time looking through it for critters!

I use these resources for species ID in Bermuda (some of which are useful for Atlantic pelagics as well):

  • Marine Fauna and Flora of Bermuda - Wolfgang Sterrer
  • BAMZ project nature field study guides - https://bamz.org/learn/library
  • for coral reefs: Bermuda Reef Portraits - Ron Lucas
  • also - Reef Fish Identification, Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas - Humann and DeLoach
  • for marine and terrestrial species in Bermuda - https://environment.bm/species

I'm a Marine Research Fellow with the Sargasso Sea Commission.

I also run an instagram account about marine life in Bermuda! @sargassogirl

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