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I am a generalist, with a passion for learning about the world around me, both natural and man-made. I don't dare call myself an expert in any field - I have never had the patience to apply myself in one area for long enough to achieve that.

When it comes to observations, I try to take numerous pictures to assist with an identification. I don't think one snapshot is always going to get the information needed, But also, others might be interested in different details of the specimen, and those extra photos can help with that.

I started a project ( )soon after joining iNaturalist mainly to learn about the capabilities of the the platform, but to also collate information about one of my favorite places to walk - a small 'scrap' piece of land which was at one time an abused dirt bike riding area, but has become an area reclaimed for it's value as remnant Oak Savannah - a rarity in Minnesota in our time. If you are interested in joining the project, please do.

I can be found over on eBird also:

For work I am a Jewelry Designer at Buchkosky Jewelers If you stop by, mention that you saw this profile!

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