Scott Ranger

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I'm an old-fashioned naturalist, interested in the entire natural world I wander. Botany is my forté but I really enjoy the interplay between botany and geology. Currently I split my time between Southeast Alaska (SEAK) and the Southeast of the Lower 48, living in Juneau from March to October and in Georgia from October to March. My wife and I spend a lot of the winter wandering about in our motor home.

I "had" to take plant taxonomy at Los Angeles Pierce College and found I loved it. So much so that I asked if I could sit in on the class (auditing cost money!!) at both Humboldt State University and the University of Oregon.

In Alaska, I'm the Lead Science Guide for Gastineau Guiding taking folks from the cruise ships whale watching so I've become something of an expert on the humpback whales and orca of the Juneau waters. I'm also the "go to guy" for plant identification here.

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