Anna S.

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Hi! I originally got sucked into iNat when I was trying to find hemiparasite populations throughout Illinois. It was also a HUGE help when I conducted my vegetation surveys back in 2019. I started out as a restoration technician and later crew leader at Nachusa Grasslands while working on my master's and then never really left the field. I'm currently a natural resource technician in Champaign County and spend most of my days out in the prairie and woodlands. I am also the volunteer steward for Santa Fe Prairie Nature Preserve in Hodgkins. I have a pretty good background in Midwest prairie forbs (but always learning!) and I'm working on my woodlands. I've been taking more and more pictures of animals and insects since I see so many neat critters while working- especially frogs. I will never not take a picture of a frog or toad :D

Both my B.S. and M.S. are in biology, my master's thesis focusing on community ecology of hemiparasites in Illinois. Check out my paper!

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