Ben Shanafelt

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I am a recent graduate from Quest University Canada where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree with a focus in Coastal Ecology, biodiversity, and species interactions. I am based in Seattle, WA and I have experience with marine inverts, plants, herps, birds and mammals of the Pacific Northwest.

I am currently working on a habitat restoration crew based out of King County. However I am always keeping an eye out for more employment opportunities to further my experience with coastal life, environmental studies, and citizen science! If you know of any opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out here!!!

In the Summer of 2018, I created an All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory for Dabob Bay in Washington using iNaturalist. The initial summer was a huge success, and the majority of my observations can be seen in the iNat project. This project will remain open for the forseable future, so please make observations and identifications if you want!

My ATBI project in Dabob Bay is also linked with a larger collection of projects monitoring the biodiversity in the Salish Sea! Currently there are 8 projects that are contributing to the Salish Sea project! It is incredibly exciting to see the potential impact of this platform!

Salish Sea Biodiversity:
Other Salish Sea Projects:

One (of the many) reasons I love iNaturalist is that this is a place of connection. There are so many naturalists who work together and interact here. Those who are experts in specific fields, students yearning to learn more, life-long or newfound enthusiasts of nature... I love interacting and learning from everyone here! Please send me a message to talk science :)

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