Southern Appalachia

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Feel free to @ me any time for an ID or confirmation of a plant observation. I don't mind being pinged, and I'll do my best to provide a good ID.

• 21 y/o
• amateur plant enthusiast
• ADHD, possibly autistic
• native English speaker; hablo español (A1/A2)
• White, born and raised in the Ridge & Valley of Alabama (traditional Cherokee and Muscogee land)
• Currently living in the Weisner Ridges district

• interested mostly in native vascular plants
• also interested in native ecosystems, fire ecology, reciprocal ways of living, and community
• I'm passionate about foraging, cultivating, and learning from local plants
• kill your lawn!

• hopelessly hopeful for the future
• reparations and landback are justice
• anti-poverty, pro-union #1U
• immigrants welcome in AL!

(my profile picture is a meme of Monika from DDLC. I'm not sure who the original artist is)

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