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I began as a teen birder, following my dad's interest in birds and nature. In the early 2000s I dabbled in bird guiding in Ecuador. In 2013 I got my first camera during a Texas Bird Year, and discovered butterflies. Moths shortly followed. On a birding trip to Delaware's Bombay Hook, the trip leader suggested iNaturalist to me, and it has been life-changing ever since. All these taxa that had previously been inaccessible suddenly came within reach, and I am utterly fascinated by the diversity of life. In 2022 I bought my first macro lens. When I grow up I'd like to get a Ph.D. in Comparative Biology from the American Museum of Natural History or Entomology from the University of Florida for the purpose of gaining the technical knowledge needed to be conversant in taxonomy/systematics and then produce field guides to Neotropical Lepidoptera.

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