Come Walk With Us

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Sonya Richmond is an ornithologist and GIS analyst who loves all aspects of the natural world, and one of her favourite things is learning about new species! Sean Morton is a landscape and nature photographer who uses his lens to capture the amazing diveresity of Canada's flora and fauna. Together we make up the Royal Canadian Geographical Society 'Come Walk With Us' Expedition that is walking across Canada on the 28,000 km long Trans Canada Trail. As of winter 2021, we have walked 10,000 km from Newfoundland to Alberta on our #hike4birds, with the goals of promoting diversity in the outdoor community, inspiring youth to connect with nature through birds and Citizen Science, and encouraging people to make a positive contribution to conservation through iNaturalist. One of the best parts of my current project is encountering new birds, mammals, insects, mushrooms, and plants!

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