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As an entomologist, my dominant interest is in insects, with a focus on true bugs (Hemiptera), grasshoppers and allies (Orthoptera), and flies (Diptera). That being said, I have a general interest in the flora that supports the diversity of insects, along with Ontario vertebrates in general. Depending on my timing, some of my identifications are quick, off the cuff, and may be identifiable beyond what I have given, or may be stretches depending on my mindset at the moment (sometimes you just go with a gut identification).

While many of the observations are strictly digital, some of the insect images posted here are also represented by specimens at the University of Guelph Insect Collection ( for future reference and study. Vouchers can be very important for a number of reasons.

If you want me to look at an identification further, just tag me in a comment and I will try and respond in a relatively short time frame. I am happy to look at most insects from eastern Canada, but also flies of the world!

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