Svenja Christian

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From young age on I was absolutely fascinated by animals, especially small ones. So I knew soon that I wanted to study biology which I did in Bonn. During my studies, I started taking photos of those and still regularly do so.
Since 2011, I work in the invertebrate section of the national museum for natural history in Luxembourg (Mnhn) and love doing so. Although I am absolutlely fond of all creepy-crawlys, my favourites (especially for own researches) are spiders.
Another animal love of mine are mice. A group of them are (and have nearly always been) my funny and cute companions at home. Further pets in my "little private zoo" have more legs. There are always some phasmids, giant cockroaches (just for fun) and caterpillars or others to raise up. Finally, my empty terrarium longs for a new eight-legged inhabitant.

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