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Herp enthusiast who studied mathematics at Columbia University (just graduated!)

I'm a bit of a sporadic uploader—my list of observations is a lot more coherent when sorted by date observed instead of by date added. When not outdoors, one of my favorite ways to procrastinate is to identify Texas snakes. I’m pretty good about checking my maverick IDs and my notifications, but if you think that I’ve made a mistake, feel free to tag me directly!

Disclaimer: Some of the observations I post of venomous snakes include me touching them, usually to facilitate the documentation of certain otherwise hard-to-observe morphological characters*. Such activities carry a significant risk of envenomation and should not be attempted by anyone not 100% on board with that risk, especially without training.

*For instance, I’ve recently become interested in documenting A. contortrix (sensu lato) ventral patterns in the Houston area, which are for obvious reasons relatively infrequently documented on this site.

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