Tom Forwood Jr.

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I'm a superintendent with Texas State Parks, but was a ranger and naturalist professionally for 10 years in Montana and have been a de facto naturalist since I was a kid in Pennsylvania. Birds are my forte and Herps and Fish are loves of mine since I was a kid and I'm dipping my toes into Odenates.

Finally joined iNat in early 2022 though I'd been intending to plug in for some time. I've been an avid eBirder since 2013 and am a reviewer for 2 counties and Montana at large where I lived for 23 years before moving to Texas in January of 2022.

My current passion-project is deep-diving on Whiptails (Aspidoscelis), particularly of NM and west Texas. If you have any questions on this taxa, please message me at any time!

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