Tony Strazzari

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I've always had a love of nature and of the ocean. After careers as an engineer in the steel industry and as a science teacher injury and opportunity has landed me working as a scuba diver.
I started diving after doing an Open Water course in 1991 . By 1994 I was a dive master and had a marine coxswain certificate. I had a small dive operation in the mid-1990s exploring reef and wrecks out of Newcastle and Swansea. It was then that my interest in Moon Island out of Swansea arose.
In 2011 I started fulltime in the dive industry - initially in Port Stephens, becoming an instructor - now a PADI MSTD. I've also taught as an SSI and an SDI instructor. I am currently an owner of Grey Nurse Charters ( operating over a range from Catherine Hill Bay to Seal Rocks. I was invited to join iNaturalist and now my observing and photography of fish and other life underwater has extended to what I see on the surface from the boat and also the wild life around my home.
I have an interest in native plants particularly native food plants.

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