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Almost all of my observations are part of a project to catalogue the species which occur at Woodlands Historic Park near Melbourne, Australia (and a couple of adjacent pieces of land). The results can be found at http::// The species list for plants is already pretty exhaustive and I mainly only post photos of plants which for which there is not already a local record in ALA, or which are rare in the park. Likewise for insects I mainly post species that are not already recorded, but the number of species is obviously much larger so I still regularly find new ones even though most of the insects I see are very common species. I consider it useful to record observations with no hope of identification, as long as they are clearly different from already recorded species, since I am interested in how many species are present.
All my plant observations are formally identified if they are in Flora of Victoria. On the other hand none of my fungi or insect observations are formally identified and they should be considered guesses. "Research Grade" should be taken with a grain of salt.

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