Joel DuBois

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Originally from New Mexico, I'm a graduate student at Louisiana State University (starting this fall) pursuing a master's in entomology. Systematics & taxonomy are my passions. I am on the morphological side of the systematics spectrum, and I am most interested in using the morphological structures of the male and female genitalia to better understand species distinctions.

I am especially invested in Buprestidae, particularly the gorgeous and speciose genus Acmaeodera. Other areas of interest include Paratyndaris and Spectralia.

A side hobby of mine is collecting Pentatomids, and I have a special fondness for the genus Dendrocoris.

Other groups that I like to collect include Anatis (Coccinellidae), Zopherus (Zopheridae), Cassidinae (Chrysomelidae), and Euphoria (Scarabaeidae).

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