Chantelle Messier

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Professionally, I have a literature degree and teach college writing. A rural childhood gave me a deep-seated passion for nature and wildlife. After years of city life, that dormant passion rekindled when I realized that my two young sons had little connection with the outdoors. Now I'm working to re-learn what I've forgotten about nature, and find a new appreciation for the scientific underpinnings that eluded me as a younger person.

I'm broadly interested in the local flora and fauna of New England. I want to learn to identify the common native species around me. My seven-year-old is being homeschooled during the pandemic, so we use iNat together to learn more about the things we photograph on our hikes.

Personally, I'm fascinated by mycology and by foraging. I'm an amateur at both, but with patience and persistence I've been rewarded time and again by a deeper experience of what's all around me.

I'm learning, and I'm very thankful to everyone who takes a moment on this site to be patient with me and add something to my knowledge.

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