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Sarah Culliton is a citizen mycologist whose story began in her childhood backyard in Ashtabula County, Ohio, where she learned to forage for wild edible mushrooms and plants. From there, the mushroom obsession grew as she joined Ohio Mushroom Society, Ohio Mushroom Enthusiasts, Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club, North American Mycological Association, and Ohio Mushroom DNA Lab (OMDL).

Sarah has an associate degree in geoenvironmental science from Hocking College and is currently completing a bachelor's degree in molecular biology from Kent State University and Hiram College. She works full time for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Environmental Response and Revitalization. In her free time, she is a volunteer sequence validator for OMDL, and aside from mushrooms, she also volunteers for Ohio Department of Natural Resources Scenic Rivers Program and formerly volunteered at The Nature Conservancy's Jim Bissell Nature Center.

In 2023, Sarah independently researched fungal diversity in Ohio at Lake Metroparks, Summit Metro Parks, Portage Park District, and private property owned by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH). In 2024, she will continue research at Summit Metro Parks as a seasonal park biologist, at Hiram College as a summer intern, and continue independently at Portage Park District and CMNH properties.

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You can meet the giant toad in my profile picture at the Toledo Zoo Museum of Natural History!

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