Whitney Brook Matson

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I am trying to learning plants of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) and publish some of my notes as journal posts on Flora of the Yellowstone Ecosystem. I appreciate feedback about my identification journal posts and individual IDs. I do my best to pay it forward through improved IDs and sharing what I learn.

I also do broad IDs of observations (mostly for Unknowns of the Yellowstone Ecosystem), getting more specific when I can. If I labeled your observation something obvious like “plant”, “animal”, “fungi”, etc., I was just trying to get it into the path of more experienced identifiers (and learn along the way). I have been able to expand this and other tasks to cover Wyoming, Idaho and Montana (for now) and occasionally globe trot for variety. More about IDing Unknowns and asking me to leave yours alone.

Licensing and Support for Research
The licensing on most of my photos/audio is CC-BY - Attribution. You do not need to ask permission, just cite or link back to the photo/observation on iNat. I have selected CC0 - no copyright for all of my observation data. This allows scientists the freedom to do whatever institutions require for publication as easily as possible. If you are working to collect certain types of observations in the Tetons or Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, let me know. I’m happy to keep an eye out.

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