Late spring Neotropical migrants

June 17TH I went to TimberHill Rd along the Laguna de Santa Rosa to photograph birds. Well it was a bonanza neotrops abound. Hooded & Bullock's Oriole, , and Western Tananger eating fruit from plum trees. Multiple males, and pairs, feeding recently fledged young, as were Western Tanangers. All such physically attractive birds. Locals such as American Robin and White-breasted Nuthatch, and Western wood-Pewee's also very active. A great morning.

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Went canoeing with my family on the Laguna de Santa Rosa (south of Occidental bridge). We were enjoying looking at the wildlife as I have done my whole life on this lagoon. This magical lagoon that had been my playground my whole life has changed with the onslaught of water fowl hunters. In all my 39 years of living on the lagoon, never have we had hunters come our way. My father has lived on the lagoon for 65 years and we are so devastated that the wild life that we have enjoyed seeing and hearing is being scared away. Hearing the honking of Canada geese was a daily constant but, now it has been reduced to once a week. I'm sorry to ramble but, I feel at a loss. I hope this post is read by someone who cares, and can help my cause. My parents planted willows along the edge of the lagoon to protect from erosion, and now it is being used as a duck blind. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that what was planted with hope and love is being used for hunting purposes. I am not against hunting, I am against hunting along the lagoon, south of the Occidental bridge. When my mother was on the "Friends of the Laguna Committee" in the 80's, this area was designated to be waterfowl protected site. Please help to make that a reality again.

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