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Perhaps you know a friend that would join the Vermont Atlas of Life if they just had a basic tutorial to watch. Maybe you have been reluctant to add observations because you just have not quite figured out how to use the iNaturalist tools. Well, here are a few beginner video tutorials created by an iNaturalist user to help get you started! Check them out at and start posting your observations today!

Publicado el agosto 28, 2013 08:06 TARDE por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


The site won't let me post anything saying the rule has to be Vermont, US but all my sites do say Vermont, US What am I doing wrong? Help!

Publicado por caliocats hace casi 11 años

Please send me the link to one of your offending observations so I can trouble shoot it for you. Are you right on the border?

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace casi 11 años

Okay, I am look at them now. Never mind. I think you are not putting in location correctly. My guess is that you typed in a location in the box and then you didn't hit search button so that it gave you a dot on the map. All of your sightings have no map with them.

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace casi 11 años

Go to the videos here,, go to the second video down and then watch it at around minute 3:15 onward. She shows how to add locations.

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace casi 11 años

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