August Photo-Observation of the Month Open for Voting!

With 2,294 observations submitted to the Vermont Atlas of Life in August, it certainly wasn't easy for July winner, Ron Payne, to select a few for us to admire. I think you'll agree though that he has found some eye-popping photo-observations!. As always, if you are reading this and are a registered iNaturalist observer, you can vote (once) by replying to this post with the number of the photo-observation you like best. We ask the winner to make the next month selections.

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Publicado por evening hace casi 11 años

5 - it's so Eastern Kingbird. Taking off no doubt to take on some intruder into its territory.

Publicado por susanelliott hace casi 11 años

6, the Pitcher Plant, because that is cool!

Publicado por rpayne hace casi 11 años


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Publicado por khemeon hace casi 11 años

Can I have more than one vote? So many good ones this month! But I have to go with #1... that species is on the cover of the caterpillar field guide for good reason! Great photo of a great species!

Publicado por larry522 hace casi 11 años

3 All of them are great

Publicado por denniswross hace casi 11 años


Publicado por crimmer hace casi 11 años

Voting for #5 ..........I love #3 as well ...Decisions decisions..

Publicado por janeogilvie hace casi 11 años


Publicado por zaccota hace casi 11 años

5 ... such a fun bird to watch!

Publicado por gaudettelaura hace casi 11 años

1 Such a beautiful photograph!

Publicado por pattismi hace casi 11 años

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