Well done everyone. We did really great racking up the observations this year, especially considering that although it was warmer than the CNC last year, it was still pretty chilly, and some days were rainy. NYC is quite far north, and nature here is still in the process of waking up from its winter sleep.

Now, over the next seven days, we can upload any observations that we have not yet uploaded, and also work on getting as much as possible identified, which will increase our species total.

Anyone who has some degree of specialized knowledge in one phylum, or class, or any other taxon, please try to check other folk's identifications.

Everyone try to make sure that your observations have at least some kind of ID on them. Even "plant", "bird", "insect", "mollusk" is helpful, because it brings that observation to the attention of someone who specializes in that group.

Actually, if you have an unidentified mollusk observation, you can call me over -- @susanhewitt -- and I will probably be able to ID it. :)

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