My new identification trick

When trying to identify, say, a beetle in a family that I'm not familiar with, I still have to dig through all the images of beetles in families that I'm familiar with (families that already know it doesn't belong to. I can recognize carabids, scarabs, click beetles, fire fly beetles, leaf beetles, etc. I don't need to be seeing those when I'm searching for something that I know isn't in those families.

So, I created a URL filter to display all beetles EXCEPT those families that I'm familiar with.

This one is for observations within the area I'm usually most interested in--my "bounding box" (which includes most of TX, OK, and LA):,57659,48486,47625,81951,47961,51146,47592,53816,59510,81969,55051,60473,52932,53248,47951,53849,48201,47961,47731,54964

This one is for my own observations (so I can see if I've seen any beetle like this before):,57659,48486,47625,81951,47961,51146,47592,53816,59510,81969,55051,60473,52932,53248,47951,53849,48201,47961,47731,54964

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That’s pretty cool! Thanks! Just curious, are both links supposed to be the same?

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Nope! But it's fixed now.

Publicado por pfau_tarleton hace alrededor de 5 años

I didn’t think they were, and I was curious to see the other. Thanks for sharing this!

Publicado por feistyone hace alrededor de 5 años

FYI I can never remember the code to exclude a taxon, so I always come back here :)

Lepidoptera - Butterflies = Moths

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