Annual Variation

Hi Aldinga Bay Observers,
It feels like I've been really struggling to find much of interest on the shore recently, and checking the stats, it's true.
Last year between the 1st of December and 15th of January (today), I posted 63 observations comprised mainly of a good variety of shore-desposited organisms.
In the same period this year, I've posted about half that number and this includes several fish observed out in the boat and a recent lot of snorkeling obs.
The number of walks would be similar so something else has caused the change ... I'll check again in a couple of months to see if the trend continues.

Publicado por wamoz wamoz, 15 de enero de 2020



Thanks Warwick, an interesting observation in itself. Fewer storm events perhaps a factor..?

Publicado por danimations hace 8 meses (Marca)

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