Anemone edwardsiana: gaps in distribution?

There are some gaps in the observational distribution of Anemone edwarsiana. This species appears to prefer moist canyons of the Balcones Escapement. Here are the current observations:

Observational gaps occur between Leaky and Boerne and in the vicinity of San Marcos. I wonder if these are real gaps (they just don't occur there), or if folks just haven't noticed them yet?

Here's a guide to distinguishing species for those interested in watching for them. March is peak bloom time.

I'm tagging some top plant observers in these areas who might be interested--feel free to tag others.

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Thanks - I'll keep an eye out for these!

Publicado por beschwar hace casi 4 años

Thanks- I’ll be looking for them in our Balcones Canyonlands property

Publicado por donkeylady hace casi 4 años

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